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Liability | Governance | Health and Safety | Planning |The Problem | The Solution

The Problem

This web site alleges that Fox Studios Australia and their sub-tenants have exposed the local community, residents and general public who work and own businesses to Asbestos and chemical contamination.

Public Health and Safety May Have Been Compromised


2002 - Moore Park Rd, SCG and Aussie Stadium, Poate Rd may have been exposed to asbestos during the high wind conditions that attended the demolition of the Paddington Pavilion and alleged removal in August - September. This particular spring was the driest and highest wind conditions on record.

2005 - DA for Building 34 reveals that asbestos contaminated the proposed site. Douglas Partners report on the site for development refers to it as a 560 m2 waste dump which stands 3 - 4 metres high. According to this report the materials had been sourced from the demolition of the Paddington Pavillion and four adjoining buildings in 2002. Sheets of broken 'friable' asbestos were found sticking out of the pile of material.

2006 - Demolition of building 34 (formerly known as the Poultry Pavilion) may have been undertaken in an unsafe manner.
See photos of the demolition >>
Listen to Radio Talkshow on 2GB (file size and type) >>


Exposure to Chemicals from Odours and Atmospheric Emissions from Building 34 and 36
workshops and air quality modelling

wind pattern modelling by HAS

Exposure to Chemicals from Sewer Infrastructure
Sydney Water allows hazardous trade waste to be disposed of through the public sewer system - this is where we explain about the hydraulic boxes and the the venting that goes on in these areas.

The image below shows sewer lines and stormwater lines in relation to the surrounding buildings.
Green squares are 'hydraulic boxes'

poate road hydraulic boxes and sewer lines

This image is taken from orginial masterplan undertaken in 1994. Background colour has been added to assist with legibility.





A great deal of work has gone into this in order that we should provide conclusive evidence that the NSW Government, Federal Government and their Ministerial Departments have themselves explored every law, act and legislation. Explored in order to comply with the demands and requirements as set out in the Auditor Generals Review of 1996/97 in that in order that the ‘operations financially viable to News Corporation’ it must be allowed to operate in its entirety in ‘an unfettered production environment’.


Families buying into the area have been misled by both the Real Estate Institute and Conveyancers who have not disclosed the fact that their clients are indeed purchasing adjacent to a Heavy Industrial Factory Site.Renters have also been misled when seeking property to rent, believing that they are renting in an area that is residential.  Those with families and those with existing health problems who might wish to purchase a property and or rent in the area are lulled into the belief if they access the City of Sydney’s website that the area is of a’ medium density residential’ a belief that there would not be any danger of ‘heavy industrial factories’ and its health implications!

Investment – Residential investment far exceeds that of Industrial investment. On the basis of introducing a ‘heavy industrial operation’ in the middle of what is termed as ‘medium density residential zoning’ it then requires the State Government to re-zone that surrounding area to accommodate Fox Studios Australia’s site operations of heavy industrial activities. This then impinges on a viable and profitable ‘investment’ property purchased on the ‘premise’ that the area is a desirable residential area.

Potential viable net returns on the property. Investing in and purchasing an ‘investment business’.  The business is wholly reliant on the fact that it is in a ‘desirable’ area and that there is a real expectancy of a ‘profitable return’ in that investment.

Health and Safety:-


Fox Studios Australia’s concessions from both Federal and NSW State Government will expose the NSW State and Federal Taxpayers to a potential multi-million, if not in fact billions of dollars compensation payouts. Compensation such as that now being fought out in the Courts between James Hardie and their victims.

Health short and long term such as that of James Hardie.

Compensation and how it might look:-


This will be based on a broad outlook at who pays what and how much?

In the end it will hit Insurance Companies most especially if the Commonwealth Taxpayer will be found ‘liable’ on behalf of both the NSW State Government and the Federal Government of Australia.  It is understood that such schools as AFTRS fully funded and operated by the Australian Taxpayers has its own Commonwealth Insurance base, but this is still an Insurance payout.  Again does this fall upon the hapless Taxpayer? 

Is the Showground Site though leased by FSA still covered by Commonwealth Insurance?  In the event that Taxpayer funded students become sick and or have an accident?

Would you as a parent leave your infant or child in a crèche or day-care centre adjacent to a Heavy Industrial Factory Site and its unrestricted operations?  When documents show that there is a potential of those off-site becoming sick or impacted in some way by Factory operations?

What if that ‘investment property’ you purchased in a ‘residential area’ costing millions turns out not to be in a residential area but adjoining a Heavy Industrial Factory site?  Will that property be worth the same or less once future purchasers are made aware of the factory site?

Would you purchase a home for your family adjoining a Heavy Industrial Factory Site?  Would you want your children to play knowing that they are being impacted by ‘toxic chemical emissions’?

What if you can no longer charge ‘renters’ in your ‘investment property’ the same rental charges of a ‘residential area’?  Remember rents are cheaper in an Industrial area.

Would you knowingly choose to live in an area that has a Heavy Industrial Factory Site if you have someone in your family who has cancer, asthma, is elderly or has an auto-immune health problem?

Would small business investors lose income when what was thought to be a residential and highly desirable area to open a business in turns out to be an area being heavily impacted by Factory fall-out?



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