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This information has been collected and collated by Josephine Wadlow-Evans, Kevin and Yvonne Winter, Professor Chris Winder, Dr. Mark Donohoe, Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, Hong Hua.

Correspondence |



  20th March 1997 Letter from Kim Williams, CEO of Fox Studios Australia, to South Sydney Council regarding rates.
See the letter >>
  25th September 1997 Letter to Kim Williams, from South Sydney City Council, requesting “rates” be paid

See the legal opinions about the issue >>
See the corrospondence about this matter >>
See the Deed of Release >>


Complaints received by Fox Studios Australia during 1999.
See the log >>


Complaints received by Fox Studios Australia during 2000.
See the log >>


Complaints received by Fox Studios Australia during 2001.
See the log >>

  11th July 2002

Letter from Susanna Savolainen A/Manager Sydney Local Government to Robert Black of Planning NSW (DUAP)…
See the letter >>


31st July 2002

Letter from JWE to Robert Black of Planning NSW (DUAP) asking for list of chemicals so that an independent third party could undertake an Environmental Impact Study on behalf of Community.
See Letter >>
  8th August 2002

Lee Rhiannon (Greens) writes letter to Dr. Andrew Refshauge
See the letter >>

  14th August 2002

Internal Memo from Gillian Reffell to Lesley Corkhill, Mick O’Flynn of EPA refers to Planning NSW application for a Factory known as Building 36.

  15th August 2002 JWE writes an open letter to Planning NSW – highlights the above article and asks again for lists of chemicals and materials.
See letter>>

  24th August 2002

Robert Black, the Director of Urban Assessments, approved the demolition of Paddington Pavilion and three sheds and erection of “new-craft shop”recommends that Minister for Planning does the same.
See the approval >>

  14th November 2002

JWE receives letter regarding her complaint to EPA Pollution Line (ref. 57205) on 14/11/2002. Signed off by David Featherston, A/Manager Sydney Local Government, EPA.
See the letter >>

  20th November 2002 JWE writes to Robert Black of Planning NSW regarding the absence of reply to request for information about the chemicals used on site.
See the letter >>

  29th November 2002

JWE faxes letter to Sue Holliday, Director General of Planning NSW,
See the letter>>

  2nd December 2002

Sue Holliday, Director General of Planning NSW, responds to JWE regarding her faxed letter.
See the letter>>

  16 January 2003

Mike Sharpin, ( EPA Assistant Manager - Sydney Local Government) writes to Alix Hussey (Environment Planner - Planning NSW) regarding a“third party peer review ” of....?.

See the letter >>

  Mid January 2003

WorkCover Inspectors issue St. Hilliers with “improvement notices” (with fines in accordance with workcover legislation) for unsafe construction work.
See the documents >>

  20th January 2003

Clover Moore writes to Andrew Refshauge in response to complaints from JWE.
See the letter >>

  11th February2003

JWE contacts Ed Overg of National Occupational Health & Safety in Canberra re: concern being that Fox Studios Australia is operating the site without an Occupational Health & Safety Officer.
See the fax >>

  6th March

Letter from New South Wales Fire Brigades Risk Management Directorate – signed by Peter Nugent; states:

“That the NSW Fire Brigade Risk Management Directorate would be restricted in their comments, to whether a new building had been built within safety guidelines, and nothing else”…

See the letter >>

  17th March

Letter from Clover Moore re Building 36 attaching correspondence from Andrew Refshauge.

See the letter from Clover >>
See the letter from Andrew Refshauge >>

  2nd June 2003

Robert Black of PNSW sends correspondence to Michael Harvey CEO of Fox Studios Australia:

See the letter >>

#From call for papers by ACE July 2003

  25th June 2003

Internal email from Nick Agapides (NSWEPA) to Daniel Keary of PlanningNSW
See the email >>

Note that the document referred to in Daniel Keary's reply has not been provided as part of the call for papers.#From call for papers by ACE July 2003

  3rd July 2003

Email from the late Sharon Maher, Jason Gubbay and Josephine Wadlow-Evans to the Mayor of South Sydney City Council, relating to toxic emissions from FSA.
See the email >>

Mayor Pooley indicates to JWE that he will request that PNSW to keep JWE in the ‘loop’.
See the letter >>

  20th July 2003

Letter to Robert Black PNSW refers to phone conversation held on 20th July 2003 where JMWE requests a list of ‘chemicals/materials and their MSDS” to be forwarded to the community. Robert Black stated that our request has to be in writing. JWE points out that this request was made in writing for the purpose of an Environmental Impact Study ( See previous Letter from 21st July 2002)

See the letter >>

  27th July 2003

JWE emails Clover Moore regarding dust and chemicals use at FSA.
See the email >>

  5th September 2003

JWE emails Daniel Keary of PNSW relating to the demolition of film sets and the dusts
See the email >>

  9th September 2003

JWE emails Robert Black regarding the probity of allowing the company which undertook air emissions testing to conduct an 'independent' review of this testing.

See the email >>



22nd September 2003

Nick Olle forwards emails JWE regarding Robert Black of PNSW refusal to allow him access to the the second air emissions review conducted by Holmes Air Sciences citing that it is incomplete.

See the emails >>

  26th September 2003

JWE receives email response from Robert Black of PNSW relating to independence of Holmes Air Sciences second air emission review.

See the email >>

  9th January 2004

Giselle Howard, Manager Sydney Local Government EPA emails JWE regarding report 70267.
Note that this was sent from Linda Roy (EPA) email account.

See the email >>

  20th January 2004

JWE receives email from Ministerial office of Bob Debus in relation to FSA application to EPA for a Waste Licence.

See the email >>

See the licence >>


Public Statements

  14 November 1995 The NSW Premiers office releases a joint press release with Fox Studios outlining the background to and a "description" of an agreement between the NSW Government and Fox Studios.
See the release and documentation >>
  19 June 1996 The NSW Lower House debates motion to have the Auditor-General review the the
proposal to lease and develop the Sydney Showground.
Read the debate in Hansard
  18th November 2003

Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans makes speech about chemical use at fox studios.
See the speech >>

Treasurer Michael Egan makes statement in NSW Parliament regarding FSA and the fact that it is:
"...not only a set of film studios; it is the film industry from A to Z..."

See the full text >>







  19 June 1996 The Legislative Council requests the Auditor­General to review the proposal to
lease and develop the Sydney Showground - Report released in December of 1997.
See the full report >>
  21st February

Stormwater samples taken by Sydney City Council were conducting annual clearing of ‘storm water’ infrastructure. JWE attests that this took two full days. JWE is assisted by council workers to retrieve samples at Poate Road, adjacent to Fox Studios Australia.
See the report >>

  2004 Child and Associates Review of Holmes Air Science reports to 2004
See the full report >>
Holmes Air Report - Building 34 (2004) - recommendation for larger than usual toxic concentration of hazardous chemicals.
See the full report >>

Planning Documents

  27 September 1996

The RAS executes a lease (40 years with an option to renew for a further 10 years) with Fox for 24.3 hectares of the Sydney Showground site. Simultaneously the Olympic Co-ordination Authority and the RAS execute an agreement which sets out the arrangements for the relocation of the RAS to Homebush Bay.

See the lease >>







  13th December 1997 Article in SMH by Paola Totaro – Show and Tell
See proquest reproduction of this article >>
  14th August 2002 Article appears in WENTWORTH COURIER by Pam WalkerFox lodges plans for craft shopMichael Harvey CEO of Fox interviewed. Michael Harvey refers to the 3,500 sq metre factory as being likened to a ‘school workshop’.
  5th February

Chemical and pyrotechnic explosion at Movie World on the Gold Coast injures three.
See the press coverage of the incident >>

  15th February

Sydney Morning Herald – FOX STUDIOS’ SAFETY must be improved, CORONER RULES.  FSA told by Jacqueline Milledge, at Glebe Coroner’s Court at the inquest into the death of nine year old David Selinger to improve their public safety and appoint a “person to oversee safety issues”.

See the press reportage >>


  7th May 2008 Central Sydney Newspaper prints "Toxic Trouble" article by Robert Bradley Burton.
See the article >>






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