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Public Health and Safety

deemed environmental planning instruments

  "deemed environmental planning instrument" means a former planning instrument referred to in clause 2 of Schedule 3 to the Miscellaneous Acts (Planning) Repeal and Amendment Act 1979 and includes an instrument referred to in clause 3 (2) of that Schedule.*
POW   Procedure of Work (see WorkCover)


  Crown Solicitors Office
DA   Development Application
DPWS   Department of Public Works and Services. A reference in this
report to DPWS should before April 1995 be taken to mean the
Property Services Group.
DSRD   Department of State and Regional Development. A reference in
this report to DSRD should before April 1995 be taken to mean
the Office of Economic Development which came within the
Premier’s Department.
DUAP   Department of Urban Affairs and Planning
EC   Evaluation Committee
endocrine disrupters    
EOI   Expression of Interest
EPA   Environment Protection Authority
EPA Act   Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
FIASA   Fox Industry Assistance Showground Agreement
fibre glass    
FOI   Freedom of Information
Fox   Fox Studios Australia Pty Limited
FTO   Film and Television Office
GDP   Gross Domestic Product
hydraulic site boxes    
ICAC   Independent Commission Against Corruption
IDC   Inter-departmental Committee
MA   Ministry for the Arts
NDY   Norman Disney Young




State Environment Planning Policy    



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