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Welcome To Fox and Chickens

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Building 36

This building is listed as an "Art Department Building" which "...consists of 7 individual units. Some units have upstairs office areas providing productions with maximum flexibility. 2,760sqm 29,700sqft".

The NECS Environmental Review (2005) notes that this building was being used for "Sculpting, steel works, costumes, rigging, painting and adminstrative activities."(p.6) This report also noted that a "...chemical storage area was present" containing resins, and that "gas cylinders associated with steel works were also stored outside the building". Tellingly, the NECS Environmental Review also noted that on the day of inspection:

"Odours associated with the fibre glassing process were detected in this area and at a distance of approximately 20m outside the building" (p. 6)

It should be noted that this appears to be the only independent site inspection that has been made in any way public, and that this assessment occurred prior to the current building 34 being built on the site of the old Kurrajong Pavilion.

building 34

The chemicals, materials and processes undertaken on site between 2000 and 2008:

NOTE: Because precise inventories cannot be obtained all of the chemicals, materials and processes that are routinely used in film production have been provided here. This list was provided to the NSW Department of Planning by the management of Fox Studios Australia.

Click on the name to see the properties and effects (courtesy of the UN's International Labor Organisation)

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